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Bi-Scriptual Cover Art


Script is language. Language is communication, and communication is the key to successful intercultural exchange.


As a result of globalisation and increased interaction across countries and cultures, multilingualism is becoming increasingly important all around the world. Script, as the most important conveyor of information, is at the centre of this development. Designers are more and more faced with the challenging task to create advertising posters, signage systems, books or lettering for example that not only combine different languages but two or even more writing systems with varying visual precepts and habits.


The book Bi-Scriptual documents and discusses sociocultural premises, technical requirements and practical considerations concerning multiscript design and typography. All eight in-depth presented writing systems are then described by specialists in the field and illustrated by work examples from international designers and studios. Bi-Scriptual provides a thorough overview of the various possibilities for the booming field of multiscript design to foster international communication.


Art direction - Yusuf Abdi

Design - Yusuf Abdi

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